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We are an electronic band from Moscow. In our music we’ve made an effort to combine modern urban electronic trends with some retro soundings and noir aesthetics of the past. We believe that the world of brave determined men and beautiful insidious women immured in the criminal movies’ posters of the middle of the 20th century was unfairly forgotten. We try to adapt those good old days to the modern reality by means of our music. However, we are not in pursuit of the progress and prefer to use analog sound, rather than digital one.

Thus, we would like to introduce our debut album “Blowback”. There you will find love, passion and despair of a man with a gun, who is though absolutely defenseless in front of a gorgeous woman waiting for him in a backroom of an underground club. And he is going to meet her there at any rate, pushing through the crowd dancing to the hard beat of the brave new world.


released December 1, 2009

Alexander Chromov - vocals, lyrics, arrangement.

Nikita Brusov - synthesizers&samplers, arrangement, mixing.

Labels: Ionium Records (
Shadowplay Records (



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Absent One город Москва, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Important
I see you dance
Among the crowd
While I am at the bar
Seizing cocktails.
Your grace and spirit
Are fantastic.
I guess you have
Bewitched my senses.

I watch you dance the floor
And I can’t think of anything more important.

And I can’t get,
What so special about you
But I can’t tear away myself from you.

I see you dance
All of a sweat.
Your bronze skin sparkles
In a strobe light.
I feel the beat,
I seem to hear your breath,
I lit a cigarette,
I’m getting closer.
Track Name: Stewardess
Public tranquility is for the right mood.
Men of big cities are babes in the wood.
Wise guy, bad guy, good gay guy.
And when I die baby please do not cry.

Lord, I don’t wonder, no.
I am out of temper, yes.
Everybody I had – gone.
Dry martini,
Nice stewardess.

This life…
This life…
I still don’t get the meaning of life
But I began to get hep to the jive.

Promise me baby,
You won’t cry when I die.
Track Name: Under Fire
Electronics, television,
A case without a clue.
I know it’s hard to take decisions
When someone cares for you.
Despite the world may seem ungrateful to us,
There is no cause to fall from grace.
But you can’t hide or be unfaithful
When sitting face to face.

You are still under fire
But you’ll remain forever young.

Life may seem hard,
There’s no doubt.
It’s never late for us to quit.
But try and have a look around
Or beneath your feet.
There are no more tears left in your eyes,
The joy is far between
But people, like us, never die,
If they have ever been.
Track Name: Malice
I feel tired, I feel sick.
I don't want you talk, don't want you speak.
But you enjoy your ringing laugh.
I am not a toy, I've had enough.
I like your dress, the way you walk.
But I'm distressed, I don't want you talk.
But you enjoy my empty state
And cozy worlds, which you create.

This night your eyes are glowing,
While I am sitting frowning.
Your laugh's coming from the terrace.
I try to bear my malice.

I feel so old when you around.
My mind is cold, I hit the ground.
I dream of you but when awake,
I see the truth becomes a fake.
Track Name: Urban Girl
I overrun you, but don’t be shy.
I only ask you, if I could try.
I find you nice, I call you lush
You hide your eyes and blush.

Your city sleeps, but I can’t sleep.
I see your face, my wound is deep.
Your world is moving, I’m moving too.
I am in love and you?

My urban girl.

I see your trainers walking moist empty streets,
Your reflection in a window of a bus.
You’re the only one to meet my pressing needs,
For I could do everything I can do for us.
You are tired of the noise, want to feel relief,
You don’t trust me and you’re trying to explain,
But explanation for the one, you’ve made to live
Is for the one, who won’t ever die again.
Track Name: Night
Midnight begins the matinee,
Making me burn it's oil.
A decent scene filmed in slow motion
Makes me bate my breath.
The city has it's passion.
The city knows it's sins.
The city has one more survivor,
I think I know his name.

The room is going round
And I go round the bend.
The lights are going red, the horns are loud.
Get ready for the show.

Guided by the signboards,
Swallowed by the bars,
Blinded by the dazzling storefronts
I feel alive again.
Undertake a journey
To the urban depth.
It's time to come out in the moonlight
And put all things on fire.

Night, I take you by the hand,
I want to feel your love,
I want to know your name,
I want to look so deep,
Deep into your eyes
To find the secret doors.
To get your immortality.
For you could take me home.
Track Name: Blowback
Don't pretend you don't love me.
Don't pretend that you don't love me.
Don't pretend that you don't love me.
Or one day I’ll believe in ghosts.
When you speak to me I can't think of
Anything but your charming voice
And the way I am thinking of it
But not the things that you try to tell me.

Keep holding that gun on me,
You put our feelings on the rack.
We're yet to prove that we are worthy
But remember that after every shot there's always
Gonna be a blowback.
Gonna be a blowback.
Gonna be a blowback.

Don't pretend you don't hate me.
Don't pretend that you don't hate me.
Don't pretend that you don't hate me
Or one day I’ll let you go.
Don't pretend you don't hate me.
Don't pretend you don't hate me.
Don't pretend you don't hate me
Or one day I will…

When guns speak it's too late to argue
But we argue till the last gun's fired.
Blind animal desire
And the rest is trash.
Difference is not a matter of shade,
We both know what we are made of.
You can cock your eyes and pistol
But I guess the trigger lies in my hand.
Track Name: City Lights
They say I'm black, I lack for light
And I would like to hold you tight.
You don't have time, you are away.
I meet alone this lonely day.

Sometimes I think my life is so short
And then I stop and watch the city lights.
When I feel blue I think of your smile.
The lights go out and I am alright.

They say that love doesn't last long,
But love is though a part of my life.
I believe it can't be right or wrong
But it is sharp as a blade of a knife.